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Beef Fajitas



¾ – 1 lb. Ribeye steak

2 Yellow onions

2 Bell peppers (any color is fine)

1 t Garlic powder

1 t Onion powder

1 t Tajin seasoning (or something similar; can substitute chili powder)

1 t Salt

½ t Pepper

Olive oil
















1. Heat a cast iron pan over medium-high heat until hot. Add 1-2 tablespoons olive oil in pan and add sliced onions. Sautee for 3-5 minutes before adding the sliced bell peppers


2. Cook onions and peppers until onions are almost caramelized and peppers have lost their crunch. Push the onions and peppers to the sides of the pan, creating space in the middle.


3. Add the thinly sliced beef to the pan (in one layer if possible) and cook, stirring often, for approximately 5 minutes. The beef should be just cooked through.


4. Mix together the beef, onions, and peppers in the pan, and turn the heat to high. Cook for another 3-4 minutes, stirring only once or twice. This will get a nice caramelized color on the beef, onions and peppers.


5. Turn off the heat, and finish with a squeeze of lime juice (optional).


6.Scoop onto corn or flour tortillas, top with queso fresco, more lime juice, cilantro, and grated onion for a delicious fajita feast!

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