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Welcome to Emily the Epicure, where I share my tested and true recipes for home-cooked food that will impress any guest! My love for food and travel means my repertoire spans the globe from classic American fare to simple takes on more elusive cuisines like Thai or Korean. I like to replicate the amazing dishes I enjoy when traveling abroad, and share them so you too can experience those wonderful flavors in your own kitchen!

Although cooking is my hobby, in a unique way food has permeated every part of my life. I am a food and beverage research manager in the Chicago area, and if I'm not researching food or cooking food you can generally find me taking advantage of the world-class restaurant scene in this wonderful city. Follow me on Instagram if you'd like to get a bird's eye view of my everyday life - I share real-time stories from my patio garden, tips and tricks for the kitchen, and a few recipes along the way! 

You may recognize me from Season 9 of MasterChef where I made it to the top 10 home cooks in America. That was one of the most transformative experiences I've had in my life - I learned a little bit about cooking, a lot about what it's like to be on a TV show, and even more about who I am as a person. If you're thinking of auditioning for the show, I say go for it! You know what they say, if you never try, you'll never know...

Feel free to reach out using the contact form on the homepage if you have any questions for me. I'd be happy to answer them!

Happy cooking,


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